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The REAL Cost of Expansion


Franchising No Longer Costs $50,000 and Up... See our prices below!
   Quite a few of our franchising clients have told us that they are astonished at the quality and the promptness that their package was produced. We have a large client base for you to speak with to satisfy your own mind. The fact is simply that with 30 years franchising experience, we know exactly what to do and how to do it. The typical cost for us to franchise your business (in a non-registration state) is as follows:



$4,995 TO $24,995 (Depending on complexity)

Preparation of all disclosure documents, or
Preparation of Franchise Disclosure Document
Preparation of Franchise Agreement or
              Distributor Agreement

The choice of the best growth strategy

Includes all items in basic package plus:

Design & compose your Brochures, Operations                Manual and Franchise Sales Packages
Continued recommendations in the promotion of
            your Franchise, distributorship, or licenses.
            (Newspaper articles, magazines, etc)
Continued advertising assistance and
            guidance as to where and when to
            advertise, and assist in preparation of
Annual support on any topic related to
            Franchising, licensing, etc.
Guidance on solving issues with any
            Franchisees or distributors.
Advisory role for any growth strategies or
            business plans to be undertaken.
Guidance for implementing and structuring
            of your franchise organization.
12 hour 6 days a week "On Call" status.
State filings for any required states.
Assistance in planning your operational
Continued assistance in the sales of
            Franchises or distributors
Assistance with any operational manuals,

With the Full Package you ALSO GET:
Franchising Sales guide and manual:
              - Written by us to guide you in selling and
                managing your franchisees.

All Forms and Procedures needed for outlet
            reporting and management.

We realize that doing business over the Internet makes some people uneasy. We have solved that problem in one of two ways; check our references or better still, PAY AFTER DELIVERY OF INITIAL DRAFTS!

How our "Pay After Completion" works is that you post-date your check 30 days ahead; we will not and positively do not deposit your check for at least 30 days. This gives plenty of time to see if we live up to our word, and if not, simply stop payment on your check. You are out nothing!


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