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Urgent Note to Small Business

How to Beat Your Competition

Choices For Growth

20 steps to expand your business

Urgent Note for Small Businesses:

Winner - Growing with Technology 2000 As we go into the new millennium, you as a business owner must recognize that times have changed. Look around you - count the businesses that are chains, and those that are not. Also notice which ones are the busiest. This will tell you what we mean. Competition is too keen for you to be complacent. You must be aggressive, decisive, and willing to grow in order to survive today. We are not saying you have to build a gigantic national company. Just think of the income that could be produced if you had 10, 25, 50 or more outlets doing exactly what you are doing - and pay YOU royalties for it!

Expansion is a necessary part of owning a business. Just as you provide necessities for your home, family and every other aspect of your life, you also must provide for your business growth. We speak and counsel hundred’s of business people each year and, surprisingly, the number that under estimate their business and do not have a vision for the future is staggering. Most fail to realize the very importance of increasing their business – short term and long term.

By expansion, we primarily mean "exposing your business to thousands of more customers". The size to which your business actually gets is relative to this and is the motivating factor and PURPOSE of any expansion plan. With that in mind, you must realize the urgency of providing for growth. At least one of your competitors will! By us lowering the cost of business growth, it is foolish not to!

Quite frankly, if you are to succeed in business, you must be able to compete. With our methods, the cost of expansion is not a factor anymore. Today almost any business can expand through Franchising, Licensing, or Distributorships with very little cost. If you were going to invest a large amount, then hesitation would be due. However, when you can expand with just a few hundred dollars, then, why not? You are usually profitable with the first additional outlet.

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How to Beat Your Competition

These days you can only beat your competition in one of four ways:
        or aggressiveness.

    The more of these means by which you do beat your competition the better. Your goal should be to win in each category. The big question is how can you do it in a combined approach that gives you an advantage in as many of these areas as possible.

That answer is only ONE:
      » » Expand into more outlets.

By having more outlets, you combine efforts and results because:



More outlets gives you more buying power leading to lower prices to customer.

You beat your competition in pricing.

More outlets gives you exposure

You beat your competition in exposure and more advertising.

More outlets gives more and better locations

You beat your competition in convenience, exposure, locations, and aggressiveness.

Time waits for no one...
    If a business person waits, sooner or later the competition will pass him. Our prices and our system gives you the competitive edge over your competition, and at the same time protects your business by embracing methods that are proven, safe, and stand the test of time.

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Choices For Growth ...

With that in mind, you must realize the urgency of providing for growth. At least one of your competitors will! By us lowering the cost of business growth, it is foolish not to!

Now that you truly see the necessity, we can now focus on your options. For an average small business, the options of growth are very, very limited. – until now!
You can surely see this yourself by looking at your own options.

For those determined to grow, the choices REALISTICALLY narrow to one of four options: Franchising, Distributors, Licensing, OR Dealerships.

The primary difference in all the above options (except franchising) is - CONTROL and PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE.

If control is not such a big factor, then Distributorships, Licensing, etc. will work fine providing it is set up correctly. The primary difference in Franchising vs. the other methods is that you maintain complete control over the operations. If you primarily have a product or service that you just want distributed or need more sales persons, then Distributorships or Licensing are viable options.

Public knowledge and acceptance of Franchising is the highest of ANY method, leading to more sales, faster expansion, and more controllable growth. Franchising, by it’s own nature provides expansion capital rarely equaled. Franchising can provide high amounts of capital without the usual “strings” attached.

Franchising your business is a perfect means of merchandising your business. It establishes a large marketing system in the shortest amount of time and with the least capital outlay.

We will help you decide the proper strategy, but any choice should have these benefits:

» » Growth with very little cash outlay

» » Fastest possible profit return by expanded revenue streams

» » Stable growth

» » Continuing income

» » Motivated Outlet Management provides minimal management and personnel problems

20 steps to expand your business » » Combined buying power

» » Combined buying power

» » Combined advertising power

» » Better image and efficiency

» » In numbers there is strength thereby increasing
competitive edge

By us providing you with tried and proven methods, plus our SUPPORT SYSTEM, you vastly increase the success of your business. We can help you fuel a rate of growth far beyond the level achieved with any other company.

Again, business growth is not the mysterious illusive monster that only the larger companies can do. It is a MEHTOD of doing business that we have made available to the average business.

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20 steps to expand your business...

20 steps to expand your business

1. » » Register all trademarks, service marks and/or patents.

2. » » Make decision regarding:
A.   Franchise fees
B.   Royalties
C.   Advertising fees
D.   Formula for protected territory
E.   Term of franchise
F.   Training program
3. » » Form franchise corporation.

4. » » Select officers and personnel associated with franchisor.

5. » » Decide whether you will sell:
A. Individual franchises
B. Area Franchises
C. Sub-franchises

6. » » Prepare franchise agreement and Uniform Franchise Offering Circular

20 steps to expand your business 7. » » Register/file legal documents in applicable states.

8. » » Design and prepare marketing brochure.

9. » » Write operations manual.

10. » » Formulate training program.

11. » » Write advertising copy for franchise sales purpose.

12. » » Choose media for the placement of advertising.

13. » » Place ads.

14. » » Respond to leads.

15. » » Conduct interviews/provide marketing material and legal documents

16. » » Sell franchises/collect fees.

17. » » Find locations.

18. » » Train franchisees.

19. » » Assist the franchisee in the opening of the units.

20. » » Support franchisees/collect royalties.

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