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Affordable Excellence
Our company goal is to make business expansion available to the average business. We know from experience how difficult it is to find people that understand the small businessperson and are willing to work with companies that need to grow with a very limited budget. This concern for the struggling business is what drives our company.

Our program is designed to give small businesses an alternative to cut through the high cost of expansion and at the same time, providing experienced personal service. You will receive the best in knowledge and expertise.

We will perform all the functions to fully franchise your business for less than you will find anywhere. We do ALL of this with our LOW FEES. Starting at ONLY $2495 you can propel your business beyond any expectations.

Our Guarantee is the fairest available. Under our guarantee you PAY AFTER DELIVERY OF INITIAL DRAFTS! How our "Pay After Completion" works is that you post-date your check 30 days ahead; we will not and positively do not deposit your check for at least 30 days. This gives plenty of time to see if we live up to our word, and if not, simply stop payment on your check. You are out nothing!

Our qualifications:
   Our President is a past CEO of a national franchise with 30 years franchising experience including state regulations, Federal regulations, sales, operations, and implementations. We have conducted extensive management courses for many franchisors.

   Over 25 Business Opportunity Sales Agents located all over the US. These sales agents provide national marketing coverage for your company growth.

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